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There are days when you just wish that you could crawl under a rock and die. Such days, while rare, can be very hard to deal with because in the majority of cases you will not see any light at the end of the tunnel, which seems to run on forever and even hold horrible monsters out to get you. This is exactly what happened to me a few years ago.
I am a 45-year-old man who has not only held onto the same job for 15 years but also excelled at it. In fact, I have been proud of the way I have performed in my professional career as I have consistently climbed through the ranks to be where I am right now. I lead a comfortable life and have two children who are in school. My family and I live in a happy little house with a garden and we have a dog. Unfortunately, just when my life was becoming stable and I was starting to think about my retirement in some sunny, out of the way place, disaster struck.
The company I work for was sold to another bigger company and the new owners decided to overhaul the existing systems. This meant a complete audit of everything. I mean everything, from the equipment in use to the kind of employees they have. The human resources audit resulted in a review of the capabilities of all the employees. The nature of the modern industry is such that they did not really want to see who was good at what they do but instead who had the right qualifications to do their job. In effect, degrees mattered to them more than skill and experience.
When I joined this company, I started small. I have worked hard and shown a great deal of desire and commitment to where I am today. I have put my sweat and blood into this company as well. The one thing I lacked when I joined was a university degree. I never got a chance to go to university because of having to take care of my family of 4 siblings because of my parents’ death. Consequently, I was in trouble because they asked for my qualifications.
While stuck in the doldrums I heard that there are websites that offer fake degrees and diplomas that are so real that they can fool anybody. Naturally, I was interested. I did my research and purchased from the best website. Let me tell you, I have never looked back since.

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