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At Superior Fake Degree’s we have established excellent relationships with numerous leading universities, online colleges and High School equivalency programs. All 9 institutions are accredited with solid reputations.The application process is free of charge and we have an approval rate of 97.85% so chances are your life experience and current academic experience can go towards earning you a degree today.Upon approval and payment your degree/diploma package would be shipped out within 6-8 business days by expedited post. All packages come complete with 2 copies of your degree/diploma certificate along with 2 copies of your academic transcripts, degree folder, frame, 5 reference letters from faculty and an alumni card.

Prices are as follows:

  • High School Diploma: $900.00
  • Associate Degree/Diploma: $1500.00
  • Bachelor’s Degree: $2000.00
  • Master’s Degree: $2500.00
  • Doctorate Degree: $3500.00

Please contact us and let us know your academic requirements or Email us now! 

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