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Do you want to buy a fake MBA degree online to apply for your dream job? You will find several companies that make counterfeit certificates, but not everyone is good at it. Each component in a degree certificate holds specific importance, and if any one of them is not properly imitated, you will be at risk.


fake MBA degree online

Let’s see 8 ways to find out whether an online MBA degree is fake or not so that you ensure that your fake certificate-making company is not making the same mistakes.

Design Of The Certificate

To detect whether an MBA degree certificate is real or fake, the certificate design is one of the most vital scrutinizing components. Often while designing a fake certificate, companies fail to consider the paper and ink quality, typeface, and watermark holograms present in the original certificate. The original should be thoroughly checked for every little detail so that the fake one exactly resembles the genuine one.

Signature And Seal

The signature and the college/university seal are the ultimate proof of authenticity of a certificate. Generally, the signature is not a printed one and is signed with a special type of ink. So while preparing a fake MBA degree, these things should be kept in check so that the customer does not face any trouble with the certificate later.


The language of a certificate has a huge impact in determining its originality. The use of Latin terminologies should be avoided. The US universities use expressions like “cum laude” while the UK HEIs use “with honours.” So the designing must be done keeping all these in mind, and the certificate should also be checked for spelling mistakes.

University Location

The university locations should be correctly mentioned so that the fake certificates do not get busted when cross-checked by the officials. It is better to check the originals and also cross-check once again on the web before finally printing down the university location on the certificate.

The Use Of “The”

Most universities use the article “The” before their university names, which is often overlooked while designing a fake MBA degree, and this will instantly turn the certificate null and void.

The Color Of The Certificate

The color makes a huge differentiating factor between a real and a fake degree certificate. The font colors, their size, and every little color detail in the real certificate should be well-scrutinized before making a fake one. The top companies tactfully deal with all the components to make a high-quality fake certificate.


The university domain is another component that should be checked for its accuracy. Missing a single letter will nullify the MBA certificate.

QR Codes

Several universities are now using QR codes so that authorities can check the originality of the certificate by scanning them. The codes should be exactly duplicated from a real one so that there is no chance of deeming the certificate fake.


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