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Do you find it frustrating that you cannot get a job because you do not have a degree? A fake degree could solve all of your problems. Often we gain a lot of life experience that will help us in a job or career. This is especially true of “forty something’s” that have been in the workforce for years without ever going to college. You may have a decade of experience in management, but not be able to land a job because you don’t have a degree to show your knowledge.
Well with a fake degree you can easily prove what you know and never be questioned. If you found yourself out of work during the recession and are now trying to get back into the work force, it can be nearly impossible without a degree. The only way to get around this hurdle is to use a fake degree. The right degree will land you the job every time. This is particularly helpful in landing management positions, or if you have been doing a job for a long time without a degree that is now requiring a degree with most companies.
These degrees work because employers rarely check your educational background. They only check your employment history. If you have a long history of management positions, they will never question whether or not you got your degree before you entered your chosen career field decades ago. The fake degree can have any date you like put on it, so you can backdate your educational history on your resume and land jobs using your experience and expertise.

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