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Many women do not want people to know their true age. Once they have reached a certain age, they start repeating their age and often become twenty-nine several years in a row. Their adult children become their brothers and sisters and they go out of their way to avoid letting anyone know that they really are older than they are. On the other hand, many teenagers are dying to become adults so they can go to the clubs, go to the bar, and legally move out of their parents’ house. Getting a fake birth certificate can alleviate all these troubles for women of all ages.
Younger women can use their fake birth certificates to get a legal ID with their name and photo instead of one that vaguely looks like them so they can get into all the nightclubs, move into their own apartments, or drink in the bar. Older women can use their fake birth certificate to get an ID with a younger age. This will possibly land them younger dates—keep it legal ladies!—a younger age on their new driver’s license, and more astonished looks. The unfortunate thing about having a younger age on an ID of an older person is that many will be astonished when you start physically showing your age. People will be shocked that you are aging so rapidly for such a young person. This catch could show your true age.
With a fake birth certificate, you can become any age you want. Make sure that you are fully knowledgeable of the implications that taking on a new age can occur. If you choose to be older than you really are, alcohol poisoning, adult criminal prosecution, and several other potential dangers become very real in a short amount of time. Lowering your age can bring about skepticism that many are not ready to deal with.

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