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When my house burned down due to arsonists, I was overjoyed that there was a place I could go to have reproductions of my, now gone, documents. All of my family’s degrees, diplomas, birth certificates, and passports were reproduced so that we could have the proper documentation that we always did. While I really did get my engineering degree at MIT, I had no way of proving it without a copy of my diploma. My family had a difficult time proving that we were who we were without documentation of it.
While the documents were a little expensive, it was worth it. They looked exactly like the originals that we had all worked so hard for. The paper was the correct weight, the typeface was correct and all of the watermarks and raised ink crests and embossed seals were the same. Even the signatures of the documents looked legitimate. I did not have to worry about someone trying to make an obviously fake document look real. I was even able to get my two-year-old a fake degree from Cambridge and he can hardly speak!
While these documents are a way to re-establish myself as a person and to gain back the life that I was able to proudly display in my home office, these documents are not the real thing. Unless someone was attempting to rebuild his or her life, I do not recommend purchasing fake degrees and documentation to cheat the system, move to the country illegally, or to obtain a job they have no credentials to have. Not only is this unfair to the rest of the country, but it is also potentially dangerous. It is a federal offense to falsify these documents and the real information is not difficult to come by with a simple phone call.

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