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Come on! Don’t tell me you have not heard about it? Anyway, it is already out in the open. So, don’t look so surprised.

Yes, it’s true. I got myself a fake degree and yes, I landed myself my current job with fake credentials. I’m not saying I’m proud of it, but at least I’m able to get myself a job that I must say I’m pretty good at. My boss is not complaining and only praises me for a job well done. In fact, he has raised my salary twice since I started work last year.

Look, not everyone is a brainer. I must admit I’m definitely not one. It’s tough trying to keep up with my studies at the university. I was slagging behind even from year one and it’s beyond comprehension to continue wasting my time and effort struggling for an end result that I know I will never attain. So, I dropped out!

Nowadays, finding a decent paying job is not like plucking flowers in the garden. There’s big competition out there. I had to work as a dishwasher and a pizza boy just to make ends meet and I don’t think these should be my vocations till my retirement.

One of the staff at the pizza outlet told me about using fake degrees to apply for jobs. According to him, it is worth every cent since getting an executive job would definitely recoup this small investment. I agree with him totally since I’m the testament myself. As long as I do a great job at the office and no one knows about my little secret, why should I regret not completing my studies for a university degree?

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