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Frankly how can it happen in the first place? It is the National Registry Department of the country. It is where each and every citizen of the country is accounted for in their database. How can there be even a remote chance of a duplicate ID?

This has not come as a surprise to me actually. Many years back I had a similar experience where someone else was sharing the same ID as mine. The other person was living in a town that I’ve never set foot in. He had received a traffic summons there for running a red light on his motorbike and because of that I had to go through all the hassle just to validate my ID before I could renew my car road-tax. Till today I still wonder what actions had the authorities taken against the other person?

Seriously, in both instances I suspect that the other person must be holding a fake ID. The National Registry Department’s reactions thus far are definitely corroborating the public’s belief in the existence of phantom voters for the country’s ruling party. They have to swallow the bitter pill now and be seen as legally issuing fake IDs.

In my case, it was just a simple hassle to correct the situation but in the case of the poor cabby, the National Registry had to offer him a new ID as a stop-gap measure while nothing is being done about the other person. He had endured 18 years of unsolicited hardship such as unwarranted traffic summons, loan defaults and even police detention for a brawl in another town. If a government agency is capable of issuing fake IDs to support the dirty politics of the ruling party, what about fake passports, fake credentials or the latest furor over fake sex videos?

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