Going to college is not only about being academically ready or getting your financial resources ready to fund your four-year studies. The more important question is whether you have the determination to persevere through the four years of hard work.

Going to college is a definite possibility for everyone. But finishing and getting that piece of paper called a degree is not necessarily a possibility. I have seen so many of my classmates dropping out one by one by the time I graduated. Some returned to finish their education and some never did. Even I was on the verge of dropping out at one point!

Recently I heard that you can get a fake degree anytime. It is

This is asking a bit too much! This guy has a degree from the University of Minnesota in the US and you want me to check the authenticity of his degree? What’s the point?

Hello Boss! We are here in Malaysia, not in the US. How do you suppose I verify whether his degree is an original or a fake? The university printed on his degree definitely existed and the degree looked no different. Moreover, he has also submitted a copy of his college transcript as well. It is utterly a waste of time to do the reference check when we so desperately need to fill the vacant position. He may not even be available to join us by the

How many times do I need to revise his work? Why am I tasked with it in the first place? He is the Financial Controller and I’m just an executive assistant to his superior. He is enjoying a salary that triples mine but I have to supervise his work. This is not fair!

It kind of makes me wonder at times if I should be the financial controller instead. He has the degree to qualify for the position and I don’t, but his work is anything but shoddy. Sometimes I laughed so hard by myself at the fact that I had to guide him with some of his incompetence.

Seriously, I think I should go and get one of those

Come on! Don’t tell me you have not heard about it? Anyway, it is already out in the open. So, don’t look so surprised.

Yes, it’s true. I got myself a fake degree and yes, I landed myself my current job with fake credentials. I’m not saying I’m proud of it, but at least I’m able to get myself a job that I must say I’m pretty good at. My boss is not complaining and only praises me for a job well done. In fact, he has raised my salary twice since I started work last year.

Look, not everyone is a brainer. I must admit I’m definitely not one. It’s tough trying to keep up with my

According to the recently launched Education For All Global Monitoring Report 2011, armed conflicts are robbing children of proper education, and exposing them to violence and abuses. Human sufferings aside, these armed conflicts are creating poverty, inequality and economic stagnation. One of the hidden costs of these conflicts is education.

Reading the plights of these children from the war-torn areas, it cannot but trigger my thankfulness that my country is still very much a safe and peaceful place for our children to grow and be educated. Education is important to bring a better quality of life. The higher our level of education the better chances of creating opportunities for ourselves. Knowledge is power which we received through the schools, colleges

Fake college diplomas have been around for many years, and have been used for many different reasons. One of the biggest reasons people are trying to get a fake degree is that it can help them get a higher paying job. There are other ways that people are looking to obtain a fake degree.

One of those ways is to play a prank on your friends and family, by tricking them into thinking that you actually received that diploma by taking the courses. Some people like to get a fake degree because they have a natural talent for something like mathematics and would like to have a certificate to make them feel better about themselves.

A lot of people look

People use a fake degree for many different reasons. Some of those reasons are for novelty ideas, like playing a practical joke on your family and friends, or giving them as a gag gift. But some people are using them for a completely different purpose. With today’s economy being what it is you can imagine that people are using any means necessary to gain a higher paying position. Most of these higher paying positions require you to have a degree. So, some people will buy a fake degree to show to a perspective employer instead of going to college for 2-4 years. Some people just can’t afford to pay the astronomical fees that going to college require.

Sometimes you have

If you already have a diploma and it has gotten ruined, damaged, or even lost you can get it replaced with a fake diploma. You don’t have to worry about anyone saying that it’s a fake because they are all authentic looking and no one will ever know the difference. Most college graduates will find that when they graduate their college will not give them a replacement for a lost or damaged diploma. And if the school does give out replacements it could take months and cost you a huge amount of money to replace. Most of the time when you try to replace your diploma through the school they will ask you to prove that you earned the diploma

We all know that with today’s economy it is tough to find a job if you don’t have experience and you don’t have a college degree. But getting into college is something that is getting harder and harder to do when it costs so much to attend. Most of the college students today have to work 2-3 jobs just to try and cover their college expenses. And if you make it through college you are lucky to have a decent grade point average and when you show your transcript to a potential employer they will most likely not hire you, they don’t want someone that just squeaked by in college they would rather have someone that has an outstanding grand

Having friends that do a lot of traveling can sometimes make you feel like you are out of the loop. You don’t have all the neat travel stories that your friends do and you don’t have the nifty passport that you friends are constantly passing around like it’s a popularity stepping stone. You might feel embarrassed to tell your friends that you have never even left your home state. So instead of telling your friends that you have never left the state you can go online and get yourself a fake passport that will look authentic when it comes. This way you can join in with all the stories you have about your travels.

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