If you work in a high tech profession or in a career that thrives on credentialing, you know that basic education requirements such as proof of a degree are becoming obsolete. The more years that pass between when you received your degree and now mean that you will need proof of what you have done recently to enhance your professional skills and abilities. In short, certificates and certifications are the hot ticket education items of today.

When you examine the cost of obtaining certifications and certificates, you will find that you are going to lay down some gigantic bucks and invest months of your time to get the most coveted credentials. If you have the money, will it be worth

I run with a pretty high powered group of guys. We play golf every Saturday that the weather is good enough for us to get out on the links. They make a whole lot more money than I ever hope to make, but it feels good to be included in the group. I don’t want to say that this group of winners is “uppity” or snobbish, but they do like to toot their own horns considerably. There is quite a bit of bluster and bragging that goes on most of the time.

I always felt that I would be kicked out to the curb like a mutt if I couldn’t say I had a similar educational background as my

There was a time when you could include a copy of your degree with your resume and that was enough to satisfy employers’ demands. I have learned from personal experience in the school of hard knocks that most employers nowadays want you to provide more proof of education than just a degree or diploma. A large majority of employers now demand that you provide details of your education like grade point averages and actual transcripts.
You probably fall into one of two categories. Either you don’t have a degree at all, or you have a valid degree, but the degree is backed by extremely low grades and poor grade point average. I know that I fall into the second category.

Think about all the work experience that you have accumulated over the years. Modern statistics show the fact that the “normal” person changes jobs every three to five years now. That is a far cry for yesteryear when people worked for the same employer for twenty, thirty, or forty years and then retired. Changing jobs more often is not as bad as it sounds as long as you have another job to go to. What happens when you move from new job to new job? You gain rich and varied levels of experience. You have to learn new operations, new procedures, and new systems. The result for you is a solid creation of life and work experience. It is time

Don’t you get sick and tired of going into office after office and seeing all the nice looking diplomas, certificates, and degrees up on the walls of your fellow employees? I know that it bothered me for a long time. None of these people seemed to be any smarter than I am. In fact, my talents, and I am not bragging at all, are demonstrably better than my co-workers. However, when you walked into my office, you didn’t see much at all except a couple of bland office pictures that were passed out by my employer. I guess these pictures were designed for people like me who had nothing to put up on their walls, and their offices looked like

I hate to let the cat out of the bag, but not many people realize that there are large numbers of people sitting in high paying jobs without the formal training and education their “papers” say that they have. How do I know this? I worked in the Human Resources Department of a large corporation for over 15 years. During that time, I reviewed thousands of applications and resumes and my bosses hired hundreds. Do you know how many documents that they went back to verify as real and correct? Zero – yes the big fat goose egg. Executives think it is below them to do the grunt work of verifying credentials. So what do they do? They pass it

Last week I stepped outside to have a smoke because I was so stressed out from the load of crap work that had been piled on me all morning. It was only 10:00am and I looked and felt like I had worked 8 hours already. I work a computer help desk. Hell, I can program computers and know more about it than many of the programmers I work with, but because I can’t afford the fancy certifications, diplomas, and degrees all I get is the bottom-of-the-barrel work.
My boss, the head of the entire IT Department, came out and joined me for a smoke. He was laid back and refreshed. He looked like he hadn’t done a decent days work

The news that college and trade school tuition and costs are skyrocketing is not really news at all. Increases are, and have been for a long time, a fact of life. Every school raises the cost of attendance each year. Some schools have experienced costs increases in the middle of the year and from semester to semester. It has almost gotten to the point that you cannot afford to get an education even if you work a couple of jobs to try to get it paid for.
What are the effects of working endless hours at low paying jobs to get a degree? Stress levels are raised considerably. Too much stress is harmful to your health. Extreme and continuous exhaustion

The job market today is still getting tighter and tighter. That pesky unemployment is almost ringing the 10% mark again. Competition for what few jobs there are that are out there is heated and fierce. You don’t have a fighting chance to get one of those precious jobs without some proof of education. More and more employers are requiring more than just the name of the school that you attended. They are looking for copies of diplomas, degrees, and even transcripts. If you cannot produce any of these items, you might as well cash out on any chance of getting a job.
Not having a degree does not have to be the end of the world. Fake degrees

Have you ever been to someone’s house, or perhaps a party, where the center of attention revolves around people’s passports? Everyone wants to show just exactly how well traveled around the world they are. You hear a story about one destination and then another and another. It really seems that just having a passport is a status symbol. Even if a person has never left the country, that passport says to everyone that they can go abroad at any time that they wish. There is no doubt that you may feel a bit insecure or embarrassed if you have to admit that you do not have a passport at all. At the very least, you will feel like you are

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