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Just like a regular day I reached my office and was busy checking my official mails. Suddenly the morning became more bright and sunny for me, as I read a mail about my first International project, which I have to undertake in U.S in just a short notice. My happiness seems no bound and I started sharing it with my colleagues and friends about this opportunity. Suddenly my happiness was banned when one of my colleagues asked for my passport. I was so enthusiastic about this trip and the project that I forgot that I do not have a passport.

Seeing my glooming face, one of my close friends suggested with the option of fake passport. At first, I disagreed with the idea, but one of my friends explained the significance of this brilliant opportunity and said that if I let this opportunity go then I will be doing injustice to my career. He informed me about online portal that deals with fake passport and fake degrees to help people like me. My friend convinced me that there are times when we require vital document in such short duration that we are unable to fulfill all the official formalities required for availing these documents.

I realized the fact that availing fake passport or other fake documents do not necessarily imply that we are indulged in illegal activities, as there might be some genuine reason when one would need them in hurry. So, I took the advice of my friend and order the fake passport from a reliable portal that delivered me the passport well in advance. I submitted the passport and it was exactly like original and no one was able to identify that it was fake. I reached U.S for my dream project and successfully completed the project that added a feather in my professional career.

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