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Last week I stepped outside to have a smoke because I was so stressed out from the load of crap work that had been piled on me all morning. It was only 10:00am and I looked and felt like I had worked 8 hours already. I work a computer help desk. Hell, I can program computers and know more about it than many of the programmers I work with, but because I can’t afford the fancy certifications, diplomas, and degrees all I get is the bottom-of-the-barrel work.
My boss, the head of the entire IT Department, came out and joined me for a smoke. He was laid back and refreshed. He looked like he hadn’t done a decent days work in years. I just stood there stunned. I knew I could do his job if given the chance. Yes, I was a bit resentful. When he told me that I looked like death warmed over I thought he was just going to insult me.
Quickly he looked around to make sure it was just us. His voice lowered and he told me that he had a little secret to tell me: if I was willing to keep it that is. I assured him that I would not breathe a word about what he had to say. Well, he looked me in the eye and told me that he got the job with fake certifications and degrees. My jaw must have dropped to the floor. After he saw I had recovered, he suggested I go online and look into some vendors that might help me change my job status. I couldn’t wait to get home.
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