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Youngsters these days like my son expect to be educated abroad. At least for the final year of their degree, they would argue. What’s your take on this matter?

I am still contemplating whether I want to spend that extra expense to send my son to Perth, Australia for his final year in Business Informatics. Rationally, I would stick to my original plan to spend less than half that cost for him to complete his degree locally.

Unless he is obtaining a language degree, it would be indisputable about the advantage of studying abroad. He would be able to master the chosen language easily aided by regular oral practice in a country that speaks the language. But what if he is not into languages? Whether I’m agreeable or not, his argument does hold water.

His top of the list argument is that he gets to live and experience new cultures. It will broaden his mind and apart from interacting with people from other cultures outside his own, it would encourage and nurture his independence in an unfamiliar environment. Study abroad can build his self-confidence and create some resourcefulness to be self-sufficient in a foreign land. Besides, it would really look good on his curriculum vitae. A majority of employers do possess some subtle business in favor of those who have studied abroad as it is their perception that living and studying abroad shows independence, initiative, resilience and adaptability. To the potential employer, these individuals are potential employees who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. One last argument that I would agree wholeheartedly is the memories that he will carry for a lifetime.

I have yet to decide whether sending my son to Perth would be right for him. However, if you are interested for your kids, then you might want to have a look at and for more information.

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