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I run with a pretty high powered group of guys. We play golf every Saturday that the weather is good enough for us to get out on the links. They make a whole lot more money than I ever hope to make, but it feels good to be included in the group. I don’t want to say that this group of winners is “uppity” or snobbish, but they do like to toot their own horns considerably. There is quite a bit of bluster and bragging that goes on most of the time.

I always felt that I would be kicked out to the curb like a mutt if I couldn’t say I had a similar educational background as my friends. You should hear some of the schools that they attended. They would have been far above my head even if I had chosen to try to get into them. To be honest, the best education credentials that I possessed were a degree from a local community college.

At any rate, I had always claimed that I graduated from the most popular school in my state and that I proudly displayed my degree in my den at home. Was I ever surprised when a couple of my buddies asked me if they could come by and look at my display. They were thinking about doing something similar in their dens. I had to do something quickly because my bluff had been called. I went online and purchased a fantastic fake degree that was awesomely authentic. It came right to my house with expedited shipping. I got it up to display by the weekend. I luckily dodged a bullet there!

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