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On occasion you may come across the situation where a promotion is available based on certain qualifications. Often, in the case of secretarial pools or customer service positions, as well as other jobs and careers, all you need in order to be considered for a promotion or raise is a certificate of completion from a related program or course. These programs and courses are often offered by correspondence schools or distance learning institutions. This makes faking these certificates even easier than others.
The only thing you need to worry about when following this plan of using fake certificates to earn a promotion is that you will need to make everyone believe you are doing the distance learning or correspondence course. You will have to tell everyone at work about the course, and keep them updated on your supposed progress. In the meantime, you need to be learning all you can about this area so that you can prove your knowledge when the time comes to take on the new responsibilities of the new position you are seeking. When you have done this for long enough, you can then proclaim that you earned your certificate. You can easily get a fake certificate to prove this point.
Once you have your fake certificate in hand you can present it to your boss for your raise or promotion. No one will question whether or not you actually earned the certificate, especially if you can perform the job well and have the knowledge required to earn that type of certificate.

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