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Throughout your childhood, you will think that University would not only be fun, but it will add some prospects to your career in future as well. Many would agree, and encourage you to work hard in your school and college to attain better grades to get in to a University, but, surprisingly same amount of people are also inclined to believe that university is not as important as it was back 10 – 15 years ago. As it is always said that to be successful you need to have the passion to do that job and you may get it. These days, University degree is more of a requirement for certain types of jobs, some may require a bachelor degree, but majority of the multi-national firms require a graduate degree.
Analysis show that the value of education has been dropping exponentially and you can climb up the career ladder by investing less in your degree and more in getting hands-on experience. Many students when they decide to select a particular career path, they enroll in courses below the degree level, and aim to get experience whilst studying that particular subject. But after spending three years studying you may find yourself being forced down on a career path you never intended. With the number of degree holders existing under the debt of university fees, it is starting to look as if the university degree has lost the value once it had, which implies to the fact that degree once was “important”, not anymore.
Many executives mentioned that though there are some skills like art and philosophy, in which if a degree is attained it can get a good job, or an excellent career path, but even then what is required is the right combination of hard skills and the soft skills. They mentioned that some people naturally have soft skills whereas hard skills are the one that learnt through studying. Here an interesting point should be noted that executives of multi-national organizations suggest that hard skills can be learnt, but soft skills; they are necessary and may be difficult to learn once when you pass a certain age.
The best plan of action would be to have an incremental approach towards a progressive career, hence one should not be inclined to think that a university degree will get them a good job, but should think, “Is it really necessary? Or it can wait till enough experience is gained”.

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