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There are many reasons you might want to travel anonymously. Perhaps you simply want to be someone else for the duration of your vacation. Perhaps you do not want to meet anyone for long term friendships while on a cruise or while backpacking across Europe, and you want to use a different name and location for your travels. Whatever the case, if you want to travel using a different name, you will need a fake passport.

A fake passport comes in quite handy. If after a night of partying in Germany you discover yourself being manhandled by police, you can give them the fake passport. This will help keep your real name out of trouble with the authorities. In another situation, you may meet someone special that you do not want to continue a relationship with after your vacation is over. You can use a fake name and have a passport to go with it, so that the individual never knows your real name or where you are really from. This way you can be completely anonymous to them after you head back home.

Getting a fake passport is easy. All you need to do is find yourself a picture, preferably from an old driver’s license or passport, and send it in to a company that provides such passports. You can often do this online if you scan the picture into your computer, or have a picture on your computer that will pass for a passport picture. You just submit your fake name and address into the web application, upload your picture and you will receive your fake passport within days or weeks.

The easiest and best place to get your fake passport is They offer passports that look very real, even though they are not real at all.

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