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Marriage is often defined as the union of a man and a woman. It can be a civil or church wedding where many gather in celebration for the exchange of vows between two individuals. Long and merry is how we often see any wedding.
The formal marriage ceremony ends with the signing of the marriage contract or certificate. A marriage certificate is a legal document or record that a man and a woman went through marriage. It creates kinship through matrimony that unites the lives of the couple not only emotionally but also legally and economically. It also serves to acknowledge the interpersonal relationship between the two individuals that can be intimate and sexual.

The marriage certificate usually contains various information facts pertaining to the marriage from the names of the couple to all the witnesses who also sign it. The signing of this contract is done after the marriage which usually occurs on the church in which the two individuals are members of. The document is then approved based on a statement of good character and absence of other engagements of either of the couple. A clerk then gets details of the contract for entry in the marriage records of the church.

Most state or country has different purposes for a marriage certificate. But most often, it has something to do with settling issues regarding the wealth and inheritance of a married couple. Since a marriage contract or certificate binds them together, so too all of their wealth and should then be equally divided upon divorce.
A marriage certificate is needed for any couple who want to annul or divorce successfully. If you need to have a marriage certificate replicated, you can go to

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