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When the time came for me to go back to school and further my education, I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. After all, I had a family to raise—three young boys—and my wife and I both worked full time. However, since I wanted to start teaching algebra and calculus, (both of which are my passion and my specialty) at a higher level, I knew that I would need a master’s degree. After looking over several different options, I knew that earning one online was my best options as far as cost, time, and convenience.
The cost of getting my master’s degree online was much more affordable than if I would have gone through a traditional university. In fact, the university that I chose even offered me financial assistance and a repayment plan that perfectly suited my tight budget. It gave me peace of mind to know that when I finished earning my degree that I wouldn’t be in deep financial debt.
The time that I saved getting my online master’s degree was almost as important as the money I saved because unlike building my savings account back up, I couldn’t get back the time. It was important to me that even though I was trying to earn my degree that I spent time with my wife and kids as well. I was allowed to do much of the work at my own pace, which let me balance both my workload, school assignments, and family time so that none of them were neglected.
The convenience of getting my online master’s degree was one of the best things about getting diploma this way. I didn’t have to drive to school in rush hour traffic after a long day of work or worry about being late—I simply logged on whenever I got home, in the privacy and comfort of my own home office, which went a long way in helping me deal with the stress. Getting my master’s degree online was the best choice I have ever made, for both my career and for my family.

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