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Looking for a job these days is not any easier than it was during our parents’ days. Despite this reality, during their days a simple high-school diploma would have landed them an executive’s position. Back in those days, these are the cream of the cake positions. Today, holding a degree does not guarantee us even a clerical position.

So, is it worthwhile putting all the time, effort and money to attend college or the university?

I worked so hard to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree, spending four full years going through the grind and another two years put in for a Master’s degree. I was unemployed for another year before I landed my current job as a business administration executive. The pay isn’t anything to shout about but it’s a decent job. Part of my responsibility is to assist the Human Resource Manager which privy myself to the loads of personal information of other employees.

Sometimes, I can’t help being frustrated looking at the big paychecks of some senior colleagues. They are earning double and some tripled my paycheck and yet to tell you the truth, I can’t find any degrees in their personal records except for the fact that they have been with the company for many years before me.

And to add to my chagrin, some of my junior colleagues are telling me that they have never attended college or university. The frustrating truth is that they have applied for their positions using a fake degree! To rub salt to my wound, they even showed me where I can obtain a faked degree for myself.

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