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Do you want to start a new career in a field that doesn’t require a lot of education? Perhaps you want to go into computers or you want to be a paralegal. These professions only require a program certificate of completion. This can be accomplished with a bit of self-education and fake certificates.
Your first step is to make sure you have enough knowledge to pull off the job once you get it. This can be fairly easy to do. You may already have the knowledge you need if you are going into something like computers. However, you can learn a lot online for free from a number of sources. The same is true of becoming a paralegal. Other certificate based jobs such as administrative assistants can also have their skills learned through online tutorials absolutely free. The only cost to you in this scheme is the cost of the fake certificates, which is minimal compared to the cost of actually going through the programs.
Once you have your knowledge and your fake certificate you need to add this bit of educational fiction to your resume. No one will challenge the validity of your claims. In fact, if you claim to be from a correspondence or distance learning course, you will have a bit less recognition for your certificate but it will not be questioned in the slightest. Most employers do not check your educational background but only your employment background. Even when employers do a background check it generally does not include educational history. This is why fake certificates are highly effective in helping you land the career you want.

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