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The SATs and the ACTs are two of the most important tests that are required to get into any college. Even a community college requires that you take this test to get in. Not only do many schools not prepare you for the SAT test due to state testing requirements, but also it is a timed test, something that many people do not do well with. If this is something that you have suffered much anxiety over, than consider buying fake test results so that you can go about applying for college without your testing anxiety. The fake test results that you will receive will look exactly like the real one and you can get it without the worry of taking a timed test that you fear you will not do well on to begin with.
Once you have your fake test scores, you can apply to all the colleges you like without worrying about them not knowing that you did not actually take the test that you will likely not use in college anyway. Now, all you have to do is start polishing your essays, as your college choices will be most interested in seeing these. Your fake test scores are going to be well worth having because everyone will want to see them.
Now, you can sleep in or fake being sick on test day without having to make it up. You will not have to suffer through testing nightmares of showing up in your underwear, or having to pay for a test that you may not do well on. Not many people realize that your SATs are one of the most expensive tests that you will ever take. You have to take a pre-test to see where you qualify for the real test, then, pay to take the real test as many times as you have to take it to pass with a decent score. Save yourself the trouble and fake it.

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