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In my younger days, a school certificate and several years of working experience can get you far in the organization. Moonlight over some night classes and you have an even higher chance of sitting with the top management.

Today, the first pre-requisite to apply for a job vacancy is a degree in any discipline. Sometimes, it is funny that it states as ‘any discipline’. Don’t tell me the employer is going to employ an accounting graduate to do a marketing job or perhaps, an IT graduate to do an engineer’s work? Does it mean having a degree qualifies an individual to do any job?

Well, it is yes and no. Yes, it is possible with some administrative and finance position but no, when it involves the more technical positions like engineering and medicine. This is why my many years of experience as a Human Resource Manager teaches me when it is crucial to do a reference check and when to just adopt a ‘wait and evaluate’ the work performance to review their suitability for the position.

With the rampant use of fake degrees to apply for job vacancies nowadays, it has become a challenge for the recruitment managers to sort out the right people for the right job. While a fake degree is the key for some to reach for a better paying job that probably suits them more than a graduate who had attended college or university, the onus is still on the respective individual to maintain an ethic to not use the fake credentials for positions with grave consequence to human life.

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