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Going to college is not only about being academically ready or getting your financial resources ready to fund your four-year studies. The more important question is whether you have the determination to persevere through the four years of hard work.

Going to college is a definite possibility for everyone. But finishing and getting that piece of paper called a degree is not necessarily a possibility. I have seen so many of my classmates dropping out one by one by the time I graduated. Some returned to finish their education and some never did. Even I was on the verge of dropping out at one point!

Recently I heard that you can get a fake degree anytime. It is custom designed according to your requirements and looks as authentic as the original. You can select any colleges you want and you can even make an order with the college transcript. Of course, these are all for a price which undoubtedly would not cost as much as going through the real deal.

The next question that immediately popped to mind is how far this fake degree will get them. Who will be the wiser?

I have been in the recruitment department for the past five years and my bosses are certainly not any wiser. Fake degrees they may be but they come verifiable from the respective institutions and with real contacts. The crests and embossed seals are so authentic including their identical security grade transcript papers. How can I tell my bosses they are faked?

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