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Many people dream of marrying someone famous like George Clooney, Selena Gomez, Robert Pattinson, and many others. While this is a fantasy for some, you can make your own reality with a fake marriage certificate. While you really will not be marrying anyone, you can have a fake marriage certificate printed so that you can dream about being the new Mrs. Clooney. This makes a great gag gift for a long time fan, a bachelorette, or several other occasions. Your marriage license will look just like a real one issued from that state. Whether you choose to display it for everyone to see or you use the certificate to change your name, it is up to you. This novelty marriage certificate will have anyone laughing once he or she receives Because these are not real, you can make them as funny as you like. Marry the dog, marry your job, or marry your house to the property. As a novelty item, you can make them say whatever you would like. The document looks authentic and everyone will love the effort and silliness in such a fun gift. For those that choose to act upon their marriage license—keep in mind that this is simply a novelty. While it looks real, it is actually fake and should not be used for illegal purposes.
These novelty marriage licenses are a fun gift for any fan. They are relatively inexpensive and can be decorated with a nice matting or frame to make them even more appealing. This gag gift would be nice for any age or gender. These fake marriage certificates are the official looking document, not the decorative looking license that many people display in their home. Creating a decorative marriage license from the fake marriage certificate that you have purchased would be an easy feat.

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