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Marriage is the peak of happiness for a couple. Having the thought of it is already enough to make anyone smile even for those who are simply witnesses of the ceremony. The whole marriage ceremony is special for the couple, their families and all their friends involved. And in marriage comes a lot of symbolism. Every part of the ceremony, especially in church weddings, has a deep meaning to it.
The wedding dress is often composed of the new gown, an old item from a happily married wife, borrowed golden jewelry and a blue item. They have different meanings but all boils down to ensuring a happy married life.
In the main ceremony of the church wedding, six items whole great meaning: the ring, veil, cord, coins, candle and bible. The ring is a perfect circle with no start or end signifying an unending love. The veil on the wife’s head signifies submission to his husband’s leadership while the veil on the husband shoulders signifies responsibility placed on him. The cord signifies union into becoming one as a couple. The coins symbolize prosperity while both the candle and the bible get their meaning from being future bearers of light and becoming spiritual leaders for their family.
But more than any symbolism, the marriage contract or marriage certificate holds great importance. It binds the couple not only by the eyes of men and the church but also of the law. Having it is the most significant proof of marriage more than any used wedding item.
A married life also has legal implications thus requiring the marriage certificate. If you want to have replicas of your marriage certificate that looks like the original, go to

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