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Think about all the work experience that you have accumulated over the years. Modern statistics show the fact that the “normal” person changes jobs every three to five years now. That is a far cry for yesteryear when people worked for the same employer for twenty, thirty, or forty years and then retired. Changing jobs more often is not as bad as it sounds as long as you have another job to go to. What happens when you move from new job to new job? You gain rich and varied levels of experience. You have to learn new operations, new procedures, and new systems. The result for you is a solid creation of life and work experience. It is time that you find a way to get some recognition for all your hard work and talents.
Sure, there is no doubt that you get a lot of personal satisfaction from knowing that you have all the skills and knowledge that you have acquired. The fact of the matter is satisfaction does not necessarily pay the bills or facilitate you getting that next job. A suitable answer for many people is to look into fake degrees or certificates that can be valuable in helping you get that next job. Documentation compliments the skills that you already possess. Of course, you do need to have the abilities to back up your claims, but obtaining the right education without going broke will help. You can find the right backing to support your background. Go out online and look.

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