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The quick answer to this question would be, “no, it is not illegal to buy fake university degrees.” However, there are a lot of nuances that one needs to understand in answer to this question. We will discuss them in detail in this blog.
You might come across news stories that talk about buying a fake diploma. However, if you fact-check those stories, you will get to the real truth.
Buying a fake diploma to hang up on a frame for show-off or use it for some other entertainment and personal purpose is 100% legal. The process of buying a fake university degree and getting it shipped to the home is not a punishable offense.

How can you get custom degrees?
Therefore buying a custom document like a fake college degree is legal when used in the following ways. Suppose the university degree certificate you are faking replaces the one you have lost or misplaced. In that case, it can be of use as it is a replica of your original degree certificate. You can use them either as props, esteem boosters, personal replacements, or any entertainment you choose.
Some people might need their diploma or degree certificate for a presentation. They might want to replace an old degree to reminisce the memories of the time gone. They can apply to the school or college authorities to replace a degree that you have lost or damaged. However, it does not happen quickly. The authorities might take a lot of time to replace the degrees. You will have to make quite a few phone calls, submit written requests, pay a charge, and a few more hoops. That is a long-drawn and complicated process. Sometimes the college that granted you a degree might no longer exist. Therefore replacing the legitimate degrees, fake degrees are of use in such situations.

Advantages of fake degrees

These degrees are beautiful and aesthetic ones that can be framed and hung on the wall. They have been known to inspire and motivate struggling graduate students to perform harder. One can also use a fake college diploma to boost one’s morale. All these are legal uses of the degree certificate.
When used as a prop in films, plays, or social media videos or photos, the fake degrees are useful as they look convincing for the part. These fake degrees add realism to the film or play. You can hang your fake university degree on the library or office wall to impress your colleagues or clients.
A fake diploma certificate can also be beneficial for your career. It authenticates that you have earned a degree and might land you a high-paying job. It would be best if you considered getting your fake diploma from They have amazing printing quality. Highly experienced in the job, they ensure that the fake certificate looks identical to the original certificates in terms of paper quality, print, format, logos, stamps, symbols, and signatures. The language should also remain the same. The fonts and words, too, reflect authenticity.

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