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There are many reasons one might want to use a fake passport. Personally, I thought it would be fun to be someone else while on my vacation. And I was right! I wasn’t brave enough to try to use the fake passport to board the ship, the plane, or enter any countries. But I did use it to convince others of my fake identity, and I used it against the authorities at port. All in all it was a very exciting vacation.

First, I got my fake passport by going online and waiting for it to come in the mail. I did this long before my vacation came up. I chose to be a wealthy gentleman named Charles Edward Carlton III, from a small but rich town in Pennsylvania. This allowed me a lot of leeways while I was on the cruise ship. I was able to dress the part thanks to borrowing some clothing from a friend. No one ever questioned my fake identity. I was able to get into the reserved sections of the restaurant, visit the VIP room, and dance with lovely ladies that were convinced of my financial stature. It was all very intoxicating.

When it was time to go to the port, I was floating on cloud nine. I took my fake passport with me, just in case. I will admit I had too much to drink that day in port. I visited all the bars and played on the beach with beautiful women. I still do not remember exactly what I did to gain the attention of the authorities. But when it did happen, I pulled out my fake passport. It looked so impressive that the authorities decided I was a spoiled rich boy from the Americas and let me go!

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