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Have you ever interviewed for a position only to be told that you are both under qualified and overqualified at the same time? This is a common tale in today’s job market. You may have all of the skills, experience and know how to land a job, but without a degree you are out of luck. Thankfully, there is an answer with fake degrees.
Fake degrees can land you the job every time as long as they look real enough. You will be able to put on your resume that you graduated from such and such school, flash your degree, and no one will question it. While potential employers usually check your employment history, they rarely follow up on your educational history. This runs in your favor when it comes to using a fake degree.
The important thing to remember when using this ploy to get a job is to be natural about it. Make sure you have your story straight about which school you attended and what you studied there. Be certain you can answer any questions about your supposed education when you mention your fake degree. This is the only way you will be believed and not have your degree questioned by the employer.
Once you land the job, you can proudly display your fake degree in your office or cubicle. This will further inhibit any questions being asked about the truth of your education. You can also talk about your college days with your potential supervisor for added effect.

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