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Buy Scannable Fake IDs OnlineThe PDF417 barcode is essential to contemporary identification documents like licenses and ID cards. This witty strip is jam-packed with knowledge. These inputs are all considered to be PII or personally identifiable information. The 2D barcode is used to authenticate age and identification by a broad range of ID scanning software and hardware.

Since every entry can be individually identifiable, the 2D barcode also processes IDs into applications like CRM or POS. ID scanning software can rapidly read this PII data by detecting thne 2D barcodes on the reverse side of the ID, verifying fake ID cards with the time of birth with the current date, and checking the expiration date of the ID.

Most IDs also have a 1D Barcode with the state’s code and identification number. Some still have a magstripe, even though this is a subpar symbolism that has been phased out in several states.

What Does a Fake ID Mean?

If 2D barcode scanning technology can read a phony ID, it can be scanned. A scannable false ID needs a viewable barcode to function. This is a simple task. A fake ID maker may utilize a real ID with a functional barcode and add additional data on the front of the document. Or they may create an identical replica of a barcode that they are sure would function.

These are some methods for quickly creating scannable fake ID cards.

Back/Front Coordination

All the data written on an ID card’s front side has become almost as significant as the PDF417 barcode. In an ideal scenario, all of the data included in the PDF417 and 1D barcodes should match the data displayed on the card’s front side, but this is where fraudulent identification might stand out.

Criminals who produce fake IDs want to promote them as “scannable fake IDs,” as they are useless without that feature. However, printing the details on the front side of a fake ID is more superficial than creating a phony PDF417 with a 1D barcode. Because of this, these “creators” frequently acquire actual IDs currently encrypted with data from the PDF417 and 1-D barcodes when they buy false IDs to make for others. To locate the buyer of the fake ID, who is frequently a minor, they merely reprint the details on the front of the identification card.

ID technology for scanning can be helpful in this situation. An ID scanner can discover the data stored in the barcodes while capturing a photo of the face using an ID Scanning/Parsing program. The program compares the image and words on the plain space of the ID to the data encoded on the reverse with OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and if those two sets of data do not match, the ID is essentially fake.

However, with the right technology, your company may do its work to reduce the use of false IDs while maintaining compliance. This is not to claim that the app will always catch phony IDs since that is difficult.

Checks for 2D barcode security

One technique for detecting low-effort false IDs that reuse a previous 2D barcode involves front/back matching.

Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence have enabled us to check the barcode, which could suggest an Identity is fake or questionable. Here are a few instances of these “states” in general:

  • Some states utilize the code to show that the ID bearer has a specific colour of eyes in certain conditions. When they check a driver’s license and see “Code” in the space provided for the colour of the eye, it is likely a fake.
  • Several states record the data in the ID in a different sequence. Some states keep first and last names on file. Some states keep records of first and last names. They may highlight IDs with formats for data that fail to conform to established standards since they know the proper sequence for each state.

They train artificial intelligence to find similarities in the 2D barcode and spot these little mistakes since they run tens of thousands of IDs with the authentication scanning software each month. Order fake ID online that goes through several hundred 2D barcode verification processes on average, enabling the maker to identify particular fakes without authentication devices.

Lighting inspections

Besides comparing barcodes and OCR, UV ink addition is another security technique that may be more difficult to counterfeit. The purpose of this safety precaution is to conceal state-specific words and graphics on an ID that are only visible under certain lighting conditions.

Start scanning with infrared, ultraviolet (UV), and white light. Using the application and a device such as the E-Seek M500, they can verify the installation of these security measures by scanning the ID at three distinct light wavelengths. The ID in concern is probably a fake if the scanner or program does not pick up the UV Ink.

Watermarks and holograms

One last check for an ID’s validity may be holograms or watermarks. This function produces a 3D appearance that is visible in even space. The picture is created utilizing nanostructures that can divert light in a certain way, giving the impression of depth to the 2D image. As a result of the sophisticated lab equipment required for this procedure, it is difficult for thieves to fake this feature.

After all that, it is feasible to produce a straightforward hologram, but once again, the combination of hardware and application is essential. The E-Seek M500 can examine the hologram in more depth using the previously mentioned UV light.


With the proper elements, an ID scanner can detect fake ID cards. Reliable tests examine an ID’s minute features to ensure its correctness. Pattern matching and a powerful scanning engine are crucial for confirming IDs. Even ID sensors with the ideal hardware configuration frequently need to pay more attention to updating their libraries, resulting in reliability problems, false positives, and incomprehensible IDs.

Ask one of the experts in the field if you would like to discover ways an ID Verification may assist in safeguarding your company against the implementation of fake identification.

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