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This is asking a bit too much! This guy has a degree from the University of Minnesota in the US and you want me to check the authenticity of his degree? What’s the point?

Hello Boss! We are here in Malaysia, not in the US. How do you suppose I verify whether his degree is an original or a fake? The university printed on his degree definitely existed and the degree looked no different. Moreover, he has also submitted a copy of his college transcript as well. It is utterly a waste of time to do the reference check when we so desperately need to fill the vacant position. He may not even be available to join us by the time we received any feedback from the university thousands of miles away.

Just hire the guy! There is a six month probationary period for him to prove himself that he’s worthy of the position. If he is not the right man for the job, termination is in order within the employment law. Even if he had really earned that degree, it’s not going to guarantee that he’s suitable for the job. On the other hand, if he can contribute extensively to the company, would it matter if it is a fake degree?

I have been in-charge of recruitment for several companies in my career and so far, I’ve never come across the need to authenticate a local university degree, what more from overseas. No doubt job applications with fake degree has been rampant these days, it is not to say that the applicants may not be able to do the job. From my years of experience dealing with job hunters, some who are without qualifications can do a better job than their respected degree-holding counterparts.

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