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How many times do I need to revise his work? Why am I tasked with it in the first place? He is the Financial Controller and I’m just an executive assistant to his superior. He is enjoying a salary that triples mine but I have to supervise his work. This is not fair!

It kind of makes me wonder at times if I should be the financial controller instead. He has the degree to qualify for the position and I don’t, but his work is anything but shoddy. Sometimes I laughed so hard by myself at the fact that I had to guide him with some of his incompetence.

Seriously, I think I should go and get one of those fake degrees and apply for a finance position. After all, I’ve got enough experience from all the revisions I’ve been doing for this so-called finance guy. I’ve checked it out online and it is not expensive for 2 copies of the degree plus a copy of the college transcript. No joke, I am seriously considering.

Based on the current practice in the company, there’s hardly any effort put into doing any reference check or authenticating degrees of job applicants. It is just too tedious to call or write just to verify the background and qualifications of an applicant. At the end of the day, what the company’s looking for is a capable person who can contribute 110% towards meeting the bottom line of the company.

So, how far can the fake degree get me? Maybe your guess may be as good as mine. Anyway, if I’ve succeeded in getting the job I wanted with the fake degree, I believe it is already a great head start. The end of the road is all up to me by then.

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