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Have you ever considered starting a new life outside of the United States? Many people who have formerly lived in the U.S. now live Canada because they want to take advantage of everything that this country has to offer. Whether you currently reside in Canada or are thinking of moving there, applying for Canadian citizenship is certainly a possibility, especially if you’re planning on living there long term. Before you apply for citizenship, however, there are several things you should know before you make any plans for employment, buy a house, or invest in anything that will cost you time and money.
If you are planning to move to Canada or have lived there for several years with your family, the first thing you should know is that anyone in the family, even your children, are eligible to become Canadian citizens, although they do not have to follow the same rules as adults do in order to become so. Permanent residents who are eighteen years or older fall under the rules for adults, and only adults who have lived in Canada for three years (or 1,095 days) can apply. There are calculators online that can help you figure out if you are eligible, but the country does also count days that you resided in the country without being a permanent resident as partial days. If you plan to apply for citizenship in the future, it is best to become a permanent resident of the country as soon as possible so that all of your days count toward what is required.
If you want to apply for Canadian citizenship, you must have a basic knowledge of either English or French, the two official languages of the country. While it is fine to know other languages as well, you must be able to pass a test that demonstrates an ability of either one or the other. The test that the government offers is a basic one, but you must be able to answer questions and give basic statements in either language to prove that you have a grasp of one or both. If you have previously live in the U.S., this should not be an issue for you. Another thing that you must demonstrate knowledge of is basic Canadian history, laws, and government procedures. A citizenship test may include a written test where you will have to answer questions such as these, but they will also provide you with a study guide before you take it.
There are also factors that could prevent you from obtaining your Canadian citizenship. For example, if you have recently been released from prison or are on probation, you cannot apply. Individuals who were jailed or have been on probation in the past four years also cannot apply. In general, people who have been convicted of crimes and jailed are ineligible. Living in Canada can be a wonderful experience, and applying for citizenship is the first step toward your new life up north.
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