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With the increased expectations from potential employers for academic qualification and job experience, many people are tempted to fake their college credentials in order to land their first step through the door. These days, demands for fake degrees are growing in tandem with the high demands for academic qualifications in the corporate world. Fake degrees, fake transcripts and other credentials are easily provided over the internet.
It may be extremely risky to fake college credentials to get ahead in the workplace, but the high demands of potential employers have made career opportunities highly competitive. While most employers claimed that they do check on the provided credentials by job applicants, surveys have shown that only about 40% of them actually go through the trouble to do so. With so many online educational institutions emerging throughout the globe, it can be very difficult for any potential employer to determine the authenticity of the credentials submitted, not to mention the time and costs that are spent for the purpose of verification which at the end of the day may not be 100% foolproof.
While most people use the fake credentials to land their perfect jobs, for others the fake degrees offer an opportunity to ask for pay raises and job promotions. In other words, it is a chance to move ahead in the organization they work for.
Fake credentials may not be ethical, but as long as it is reasonably used to secure or advance career options that does not create harm or damages to anyone, no one needs to know. Anyone interested to find out more about fake credentials, go to

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