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As a manager of a large corporation, I am continuously in need of certificates of achievement and various other training and work related activities. These certificates may be considered “fake” to some because they do not really mean anything but to the people receiving them. These fake certificates are easily made and I can have them printed with anyone’s name. These fake certificates are something that my employees can be proud of, and display in their office because they know they have done a good job to earn them. All other employees know that these certificates are hard earned and not easy to come by.

Because these degrees are simple, they are easily created and no seal, embossing, or specific documentation needs to match on a federal level like a fake passport, fake degree, or a fake training certification that could mean getting a job or not. While these certificates are fake, they are not the kind of fake that could potentially endanger somebody’s life such as faking mastery skills for equipment use or skills that one really does not possess.

A fake certificate of achievement does not necessarily have to mean anything more than recognition for a job well done. Many people discredit these sorts of achievements and “fake” certificates even though these sorts of accomplishments within a company are what other employers are looking for in a person. Being able to earn them or having the gumption to stick with something long enough to receive a certificate is far beyond important over five years of dishwashing experience at your high school job. These fake certificates are one of my company’s greatest ideas and all the employees appreciate the recognition that they get from receiving one of these. Everyone loves to be recognized for their accomplishments and the hard work they have done.

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