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There are several situations in which you may want to use fake certificates to prove a fake marriage. The most common reason for fake certificates of marriage is that the marriage is not legal in your state. This is generally the case with same sex marriages. In these cases, the certificate acts as a memento of the occasion, with the date and place of your very real wedding on the very fake certificate.

You may also want to use a fake marriage certificate if you do not want to be legally married, but want to show commitment to someone special. You may opt for a handfasting instead of a traditional marriage. This is especially common with individuals who identify themselves as pagan. The fake marriage certificate is then used to convince family and friends that the fake marriage was real. This can often keep family and relatives at bay and keep them from saying you are not in a holy and sanctified relationship.

Finally, you may want to use fake marriage certificates to gain admittance to couples only events, clubs, and associations. There are many perks to being married that you cannot enjoy if you do not have a marriage certificate. If you want all of the perks of being married with none of the legal ties, a fake certificate is a solution for you. This way if the union does not last there is no messy divorce, but in the meantime, you can enjoy being married in every way but legally.

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