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Education today has changed so rapidly that every individual including educators and employers should rethink whether we are generating the right people for the right job.
Education of yesteryears had only one major objective which was to mould every child into an individual that is capable of contributing effectively to society and the world at large. Children were instilled with the drive to learn and developed a sense of responsibility so that they may be successful upon embarking into the working arena.
Regretfully, education today has lost the true essence of gaining knowledge to contribute effectively to society or to make the world a better place. It has become another competitive platform where almost all are focused on pushing past the drudgery of education in order to win a paper trophy … a degree. It is not about the thrill of accomplishments anymore, but more about survival of the fittest.
Even the art of teaching has changed and so has the quality of educators entrusted to develop our children who will make our future society. The drive to learn, the enthusiasm to excel and the purpose for knowledge are surely losing their importance in the learning institutions as new graduates replace the educators of yesteryears. The dedication to education has been replaced by the commercialism of employment. This is merely an example of the chain reaction that will ultimately affect other industries as well.
Education in the 21st century seems to have become so commercialized that it does not matter what kind of degree we hold, so long as it is a degree to get our foot in to the front door. After that, it is a whole different ball game in the competition to climb up the corporate ladder. It is always about survival.
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