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How I wished there was such a thing as fake degrees during my college days some 30 years ago. Nowadays the internet is abuzz with all the fake degrees that are so easily obtainable and no one is any wiser whether they are fake or genuine. If they had it then, I guess I would not have had to work so hard to earn mine.
Earning a degree some 30 years ago would have put any graduate on the privilege list of any potential employers. However, as we moved into the 21st century, education has rapidly changed and the importance has somewhat been diluted by the competition for a job and speedy move up the corporate ladder rather that pursuing the true essence of education for self-development. No doubt jobs are now varied with many new technologies and industries cropping up but so are the graduates that are coming out from the increased number educational institutions. Competition for jobs seems to have become the ultimate goal for education.
The biggest question for employers today is whether these graduates can hack it in the real corporate world. Having a degree does not necessarily mean they are resilient to face the reality and responsibilities that comes with the job. After all it is just a piece of paper that any tom, dick, and/or harry could have gotten from the ample suppliers of fake degrees.
Unless the job requires the technical knowledge that can only be acquired academically through educational institutions, the larger part of the corporate world requires many attributes that are not taught but gained through work experience and social interactions. It is therefore not impossible for anyone who has managed to gather some work experience even as a low-level executive to climb the corporate ladder with fake degrees. All it takes is determination, self-confidence and a knack to learn.

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