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I had already been working in my current job as a tool polisher and machinist for a local manufacturing company for about fifteen years when the issue of my high school diploma came up. As a man who was already in his 50’s and who managed several different teams in the corporation, I never thought anyone would realize I had never finished high school. I was less than three weeks away from graduating when I caught a bad flu that kept me from taking my exams. By the time I was well, it was too late, and I decided to get a job instead of repeat my senior year. When I first got my job, it was through the recommendation of a friend, and they took me on without a lot of trouble. However, as the years passed and the company strove to maintain high standards in their employees, HR started going through everyone’s files, and I was asked to show proof of my high school education.
I didn’t know what I was going to do. The job that I had worked so hard at all my adult life and the pension I had been putting into was now in danger of being taken from me. I had no connections at my high school and I had two weeks to produce a diploma. Desperate, I turned to the Internet to see what I could find, and that’s when I discovered that I could buy a quality faked high school diploma for an affordable price. Not only was it easy to buy one, but they made sure that I liked what I saw before I had to give them a penny. It was mailed to me less than a week later, and I was amazed by the quality. It was embossed with an official seal, just like the original would have been, and the dates were correct. I slipped it into an old frame that gave it an aged tint and took it into HR. They never question the document because of its quality, and now I never have to worry about my job being in jeopardy because of a missing diploma.

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