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Many people do not know this, but to become a United States citizen, a foreigner needs to more about US history than any American does. Studying for the citizenship test is the most difficult thing ever because there are thousands of bits of information to memorize and 100 questions to the test that must be correct to obtain citizenship. Not to mention, the travel to a testing site can be rather expensive. Often times, people choose to live here illegally because it is easier than taking the test that 98% of Americans would fail. Buying yourself a new life with fake citizenship papers is much easier, and most cannot tell they are fake.
With fake citizenship papers, you will have a fake birth certificate, marriage certificate, degrees—if you want them—lease agreements, bank accounts, credit cards, and all of the other information that you would need to live in the United States legally. The only vital piece of information that you would not receive is a social security number. Once you have all the rest of the information, you should not have much trouble obtaining a social security card if you have the rest of the information needed. Proving your citizenship with the use of these fake documents, you will be able to stay in America, get a job, go to school, or live peacefully knowing that you have some kind of documentation that you can present to someone should they ask. Your new life will hopefully be better than the one you left because you paid for it to be so. You can get a clean slate that most cannot have, and you will have avoided taking one of the most difficult tests in the whole world. That is something that most people are very relieved for. Once you fail the test, you have to wait six months to re-take it and many do not have that kind of time.

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