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According to the recently launched Education For All Global Monitoring Report 2011, armed conflicts are robbing children of proper education, and exposing them to violence and abuses. Human sufferings aside, these armed conflicts are creating poverty, inequality and economic stagnation. One of the hidden costs of these conflicts is education.

Reading the plights of these children from the war-torn areas, it cannot but trigger my thankfulness that my country is still very much a safe and peaceful place for our children to grow and be educated. Education is important to bring a better quality of life. The higher our level of education the better chances of creating opportunities for ourselves. Knowledge is power which we received through the schools, colleges and universities. We carry the education with us to subsequently build a successful and comfortable future for ourselves. Knowledge begets knowledge which why we will never complete our education until our last breath.

I have not stopped to impress on my kids many times over on the importance of education and how their future depended on it. Education is important for the young kids when their minds are open and teachable. It is the time when they view things with innocence and a spontaneous receptiveness.

According to Nelson Mandela, “education is the greatest weapon with which we can change the world” and with this said, it is important to return education to these children in the war-torn areas. They are the future, let them broaden their horizon and with knowledge, they will be empowered to bring peace back to their country.

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