How About a Fake Online Bachelor Degree?

What would be the easiest and quickest way to get an online bachelor degree? You could always just buy a fake one. Sure, you can make yourself an certified expert in the literature of ancient civilizations or you could even acquire an online doctorate degree in a subject that you just flat out made up! You could fool your friends with a very authentic looking also very fake degree. It is a novelty item to be sure but it can fool those that really cannot tell the difference between a real or fake degree. For those that need a fun prop, one of these degrees is worth buying.

A High Quality Duplicate

It would not be all that helpful to buy an online bachelor degree or master degree or even doctorate degree that looked too obviously like a fake. For those that need the degree to, say, act as a convincing prop in a theatrical event will want one that looks are real as possible. If not then it will never be able to suspend disbelief in anyone. Without a suspension of disbelief, no fake online doctorate degree would ever have such an effect. You want the fake degree to look reasonably realistic or else it just might make an audience laugh when that is not the intention.

An excellent custom made degree will have a professional look to it. While it will obviously not be a real one, from a distance it can fool an audience. It might even fool an audience that might be made up of persons with their own degrees….maybe even many.

A Word on Ethics

When you acquire an online fake bachelor degree, you will want to have ethics with how you use it. For novelty and fun, these degrees have some value. Anything else would be a poor ethics. And who would want be known as someone that utterly lacked ethics?

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