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For a lot of people, some words on a piece of paper prove that they’re knowledgeable about a subject, and they believe that experience doesn’t count as much. When it comes to certain subjects, keeping up on current technology and having experience with it is more important than having that piece of paper, and it was this kind of situation that was keeping me out of the running for my dream job, even though I was more qualified than the person I was up against. I had been working with computers and operating systems since the mid 90’s, knew how to write HTML, and was up to date on all the latest computer coding, but the job I was applying for also wanted their applicant to have certification from an IT school. Going to a school like this was an impossibility for me—few of them in my area offered tuition assistance or any kind of financial aid, and my part-time job as a freelance IT didn’t bring in the kind of money I’d need to pay for it. I knew I had the kind of experience and knowledge that they were looking for, so I invested in a fake technical school certificate. It was well worth the money, and it put me in the running for a job I knew I’d be good at.
Having worked with a lot of different people in the business over the years, I knew that having a certificate from one of these schools didn’t necessarily mean that they were talented in the business, just like having a college degree doesn’t instantly make you an especially intelligent person—it just means that you had the ability, time, and money to attend classes. I didn’t see any reason to spend thousands of dollars and waste time I could use making money to sit through classes and listen to a teacher tell me things I already knew. I wanted to get ahead, so getting one of these faked certificates was the best choice to kick start my career.

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