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Fake Birth Certificate

Fake Birth Certificate


Quality Fake Birth Certificate can help you to get the identification you need, or just play a prank on your friends! There are many reasons why you might want a professional looking, undetectable fake birth certificate and at, we have you covered. Birth certificates are necessary for enrolling children in school, obtaining a passport to travel to another country, applying for a marriage certificate and getting a social security card. You can have many reasons for wanting a realistic Fake Birth Certificate and you can find the certificate that fits your needs right here.


All you need to do to get the birth certificate you want is fill out our simple order form. You can get a birth certificate for most countries, states and provinces that looks authentic. We offer two different kinds of novelty birth certificates:
- The Platinum/Official Birth Certificate: This certificate is designed to look 100% authentic to originals by using identical security grade transcript paper, raised ink crests, embossed seals, identical water markings and correct card stock weight.

- Simple Replicated Birth Certificate: This certificate is authentic looking and printed on official card stock, but lacks security features.


Whatever your reason for wanting to obtain a 100% realistic and genuine looking birth certificate, we have you covered. Order our platinum birth certificate or simple replicated birth certificate today to get the Fake Birth Certificate you need.

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