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Did you barely miss graduating high school? Well now no one needs to know because you can get a fake diploma. You can fool your own parents or the parents of your special someone into thinking that you actually graduated high school. This is a very easy thing to do.
Most schools do not exclude anyone in the senior class from graduation. The entire class will walk across the stage and get a rolled up piece of blank paper. After the ceremony is over, the students go to a specified location to pick up their actual diploma. If you did not have enough credits to graduate, you will not have a diploma to pick up but rather a notification of what is required to graduate. However, since you have walked across the stage, all you need to do is have your fake diploma ready to go.
Once off the stage, sneak off and grab your fake diploma from wherever you stashed it. Then, go out to meet your family or the family of your loved one and present them with the diploma. They will never know the difference. Just be certain that your diploma is realistic and that it looks at least similar to the ones that are being handed out at the ceremony. If not, wait to present your diploma until you have left the ceremony so that no comparison can be made. You can also use your fake diploma to land jobs that require a high school degree. If you so choose, you can always take the remaining credits behind everyone’s back and get your real diploma later on.

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