It Takes More than a Degree These Days

There was a time when you could include a copy of your degree with your resume and that was enough ...
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Life Experience Should Count for Something

Think about all the work experience that you have accumulated over the years. Modern statistics show the fact that the ...
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The Writing on the Wall

Don’t you get sick and tired of going into office after office and seeing all the nice looking diplomas, certificates, ...
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Chances Are Good

I hate to let the cat out of the bag, but not many people realize that there are large numbers ...
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You Would Be Surprised

Last week I stepped outside to have a smoke because I was so stressed out from the load of crap ...
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Education Costs are Skyrocketing

The news that college and trade school tuition and costs are skyrocketing is not really news at all. Increases are, ...
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It is All About the Paper

The job market today is still getting tighter and tighter. That pesky unemployment is almost ringing the 10% mark again ...
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Fake Passports for Fun and Show

Have you ever been to someone’s house, or perhaps a party, where the center of attention revolves around people’s passports? ...
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