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I have to say your degree of quality and the professionalism of your customer service department will keep me coming back for future business. Thank you.

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A-quality work here. My colleagues are well impressed!

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Fake Death Certificate

Fake Death Certificate – Fake Medical Certificate

A Fake Death Certificate can be a great way to play a prank on your friends or spook them out at Halloween. You may also want one for other novelty uses, and at, we have the best and most authentic Fake Death Certificate available anywhere at prices you can afford. No matter what your reason is for wanting a novelty death certificate, we have one that will look realistic to anyone who sees it and will appear to most to be a bona fide original. There are two different types of death certificates that we offer:


•    The Platinum/Official Death Certificate: This certificate is superiority designed and looks 100% authentic when next to the originals. It is created by using identical security grade transcript paper, embossed seals, water markings that are near identical and card stock weight that is correct to the document you need.
•    Simple Replicated Death Certificate: This authentic looking certificate will appear to the naked eye to be just like the original and is printed on high quality card-stock, but it lacks security features.


To order your Fake Death Certificate  or a Fake Medical Certificate, fill out the simple request form online under the “order now” tab. You can have your novelty death certificate delivered quickly and discreetly straight to your door.

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