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Amazing work, my degree certificate looks truly identical to the original. Many thanks Superior Fake Degrees.

By : Mark Stuart
Essex, England, UK
I have to say your degree of quality and the professionalism of your customer service department will keep me coming back for future business. Thank you.

By : Brian Cowen
Kamploops, British Columbia, Canada.
Official Degree

Official Degree and Official Diploma Packages


At Superior Fake Degrees we in being able to provide the highest-quality official degree’s and official diploma’s to you – our excellent clients in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and world-wide. We are known as the only viable option in terms of unmatched high-quality products and exceptional services to our clients i.e Official Degree and Official Diplomas across the globe.


When it comes to our registered, official and verifiable degree and diploma options we are able to offer over 800 universities and colleges under this incredible option thanks to unprecedented access we have thanks to our contact. We’ve had this official contact as a business relationship for over 18 years now (with zero issues and only exceptional value for our customers). Our contact is an IT security analysis working for a major international IT firm, responsible for safeguarding the IT infrastructure (networks, servers and databases) for universities and colleges around the world. As such this gives us unprecedented access and an offering of over 800 universities and colleges. Just let us know which country, state, province or region you’re interested in and we’ll give you a list of available colleges and universities.


To be crystal clear, our official degree and official diploma options are 100% legal, registered and verifiable and in fact are issued by the actual university or college in question and NOT by our company. You’ll be given full login credentials to the university/college website to verify that you are in fact a legal graduate.  Having a legal degree or official diploma is the only way to go when employment or immigration is on the line. In our experience, no matter how good a fake degree or fake diploma look (and ours look superior) government officials, agents and employers will always seek official verification through background check agencies.


Our package prices start at 2500USD for a single official degree and are priced at 3800USD for 2 degrees or diplomas under the official registered package.


We don’t stop at offering official diplomas and official degrees, we also offer superior, premium fake packages. For more information on our premium fake packages please click here.


Please check out our samples page by clicking here and take a look at why we’re simply the best when it comes to official degree and legal diploma certificates.


Please click here to place your order now or contact us if you need something custom and we will exceed your expectations.




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