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I have to say your degree of quality and the professionalism of your customer service department will keep me coming back for future business. Thank you.

By : Brian Cowen
Kamploops, British Columbia, Canada.
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By : Frank Thomas
Ausbury Park, New Jersey, USA.
Fake Passport

Why You Need to Secure a Second Passport

or at a Minimum, a Fake Passport

Securing a fake passport or second passport is a critical plank of our philosophy and it should be part of yours and we believe that no government should have absolute control over your life, liberty and assets. Having a single passport, whether it’s fake or official citizenship is essentially putting your life in their hands.


There have been countless times through the 20th and 21st century that inform and teach us why putting all of our eggs into one citizenship basket can be a bad one. If your government decides Second-passportsto jail or take control of your assets, in most instances you’d be alone and at their mercy unless you were the citizen of another country or had a fake passport to rely upon. Examples where having a second identity or passport quite literally saved lives was during World War II, where thousands of Jewish people were saved from concentration camps thanks to their second passports which they had procured from diplomatic sources and from various European countries. For every live saved during this horrific period, there were countless others who didn’t make it partly due to inaction. During the Cold-War era countless people in both the USA and Soviet Union escaped having to fight in wars their respective countries conscripted them for (Vietnam war in the US) and (the Afghanistan war in the USSR) with the help of such passports and citizenship ID documents.


In a more recent example, Syrian refugees trying to flee absolute destruction from terrorists were able to flee to safe havens thanks to having obtain passports and citizenship in friendly European and North American countries. If those folks had an adequate second identity or second passport, they could have watched the brutality and chaos on their tv’s rather than having to live in fear. However unfortunately, they had no other viable option than to stay put and watch from their bedroom windows as their country and homes were torn apart by bullets. A vital distinction is that those people who already had secured second identities before the situation got out of control did not have to wait in line. In fact, these folks got out of their respective countries safely and quickly, taking their assets with them.


Governments are constantly making life hard for their honest citizens trying to apply to renew their passports and identity documents. One example is a push to seize passports if taxes are not paid promptly. These passports and citizenship identity documents can save you from arbitrary changes to laws in your country which seem to be on the rise as we go from one financial collapse to another and as wars continue to mount. But it’s not just these extreme circumstances, it’s help from everyday persecution, whether that’s from owing back taxes, child support payments, to marrying who you want to marry and ultimately to living the life you want to live, free of judgement and government harassment.


Therefore owning a second passport or even a fake passport through dual citizenship in another country is a crucial piece of the puzzle for true international diversification.

How To Get A Second Passport, Second Identity or simply a Fake Passport

You certainly won’t find any of this information on Wikipedia or any other mainstream news source (MSN). This industry is sdly full of used car salesmen on both the government and immigration consultant side and essentially you want to partner with someone such as ourselves – SFD Consulting with over 20 years experience and a network of reliable, legal government contacts and avenues for securing your second identity or second passport. You should you prefer to go the fake passport route we can assist you as well with superior and supreme quality at reasonable prices. Contact us immediately if you have any questions that you would like answered. We take immense pride in the level of experience our consultants have in guiding you through the process of securing your secondary legal citizenship.


Please check out our Platinum official, legal new identity passport packages alongside our fake passport options by clicking on our product page here. This is not info that can be easily researched googled or found on Wikipedia. Curiously, there is not much (accurate) information readily available on how to actually get dual citizenship or a second identity. This ‘industry’ is littered with snake oil sales tactics and folks who assert that they can get you a legal passport in 30 days, as if passports are freely available for anyone who applies. You basically have two options to acquire a second passport: Either purchase one of our government registered passport packages (through our immense network of official contacts) or by going the fake passport route.


Looking to learn more about Second Passports, securing a Second Identity or obtaining a Fake Passport or wanting to learn more? We’ve covered these critical topics and others in both our newsletter and on our blog.   Securing your second passport or fake passport is not a luxury it’s an absolute most in an ever-changing, ever more chaotic world. Secure your life, liberty and freedom by taking the prudent step of placing your order now for another option when it comes to citizenship. You will secure your assets, protect your family and ensure a prosperous future.


Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have or fill in a custom request form and we can customize a solution to your unique needs. It’s time to reclaim your life and live on your own terms. Paradise awaits your click!



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